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Eric Mina - Hypnotist: Variety
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Eric Mina dares his audiences to dream about a world of unlimited possibilities. Eric’s Award Winning Hypnosis Show has been broadcasted on television to be viewed by millions of people around the world, as well as on every stage imaginable.

It’s a refreshing new take on what you THINK hypnosis is. The audience literally becomes the show in this unique, hilarious, and mind-boggling approach. You have never seen a show like this one. No two shows are the same, as the audience decides what each outcome will be.

Through Eric’s cutting edge approach to the art of hypnosis, he transcends the boundaries of your imagination and takes his audiences on a journey of the mind. He combines comedy, inspiration, and non-stop fun to create a once in a lifetime experience every time!

Prepare yourself for one of the MOST in demand college Hypnotists around.