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The Win-Dough Bingo Game Night : Novelty/Game Shows
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You asked, so here it is! The #1 college game show host Joseph Tran presents WIN-DOUGH BINGO, a reinvention of the classic game tailored for YOUR campus. Based on the wildly popular WIN STUFF FROM HOME GAME SHOW, students win cash prizes while being entertained by host Joseph Tran. Bingo can be themed to focus on trivia, Disney, holidays, or even your college's history, making it a fun and different experience for students. It is perfect for school-sponsored study breaks, holiday programming, alcohol-free activities, and many more events. Book it in-person, virtually, or as a hybrid to accommodate your campus needs.

FOR A LIMITED TIME: book Joseph's WIN-DOUGH BINGO in conjunction with the WIN STUFF FROM HOME GAME SHOW or Joseph's MAKE BORING DISAPPEAR MAGIC SHOW and receive a significant discount.