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Heidi Hollis - Shadow People™ and Hat Man™: Ghost Hunters
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Heidi has appeared on numerous television shows including:

*History’s Greatest Mysteries on History Channel
*The Proof is Out There on History Channel
*Ancient Aliens on History Channel
*Mysteries Decoded on The CW Network
*Strange Evidence on The Science Channel
*Beyond Belief on Gaia TV
*The Unexplained Files on Discovery Channel
*Encuentros con Extraterrestres on Telmundo
*Mystery Hunters on Discovery Channel
*Steven Spielberg, “Taken” Special/Tour on SyFy Channel

She is the world’s foremost expert on the Shadow People® and Hat Man® phenomena; demonic entities that she introduced to the world in her *bestselling books The Secret War and The Hat Man®. She has collected thousands of reports of these and other beings from around the globe and believes they are behind most hauntings. She welcomes anyone to share with her their extraordinary experiences, from angels to aliens, so that she may give some help and insight on her podcast “Dark Becomes Light”. Her show is part of the # 1 paranormal network with millions of listeners: Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network (of iHeartRadio and Premier Radio Network).

Hollis states, “I also hope to put a ‘diverse voice’ out to the world for them to know that people from all walks of life experience the unknown and have interests in finding answers.” She has authored several books on everything from angels to aliens and she gives advice about some of them on her blog The Hat Man® Letters https://medium.com/@heidihollis. You can hear her weekly podcast the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network, “Dark Becomes Light”.

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