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Adam Berry: Ghost Hunters
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Adam Berry is the co-star and Executive Producer of the hit television series Kindred Spirits now on Travel Channel. Adam’s love and passion for the paranormal ignited from an extremely haunting experience he had in Gettysburg PA. After many years of studying, research and founding his own paranormal research team with his husband Ben Berry he was asked to join the SyFy Channel original series Ghost Hunters Academy. This competition reality show tested the strengths of investigators from around the country and Adam proved to be the best of the best by winning and was awarded a spot on the TAPS team and the original series Ghost Hunters. Adam likes to say he was awarded Amy Bruni as his prize because the two paired up and have since became a paranormal powerhouse. With similar beliefs and styles Adam and Amy possess the capabilities to connect with those in the after life with uncanny accuracy. Focusing on helping families and spirits alike, they have traveled the country changing the way the world thinks about ghosts and what happens after we shuffle off this mortal coil.

When Adam isn’t looking for ghosts he is the Executive Director of Peregrine Theatre Ensemble, a non-profit theater company based in Provincetown MA. This educational summer theater program produces some of the most spectacular musicals and plays on the Cape while also nurturing young actors in a professional working environment.

Adam also sits on the board of directors for “Tim’s Fund”, a non-profit scholarship program created to support social activists who change the world through art, music, literature, and filmmaking.

Adam loves to travel with his husband Ben and their two chihuahua’s Maria and Cheeto.