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‘Cody TheCreative’ grew up in suburban New York, and started drawing at two years old, pausing VHS tapes to draw his favorite characters, and those appearing on album covers and baseball cards. At just eight years old, he had a solo exhibition in Greenburgh, NY titled, Heroes and Icons.

For most, the need to fit in is defining. Cody, however, was uninterested in being defined. Free to define himself, he spent his preadolescent and adolescent years exploring the boundaries of his individuality. While this initially took him away from art, the stars realigned while finishing a Creative Writing degree at SUNY Purchase.

Cody now believes that art can, and probably should, be everywhere. He finds great excitement in taking the commonplace and giving it another life, opening the door to new possibilities, new concepts, and new ways of debating the talk of the times. His #PennyPopArt began as an exercise in ‘less is more’ (no pun intended) that spawned organically from a series of serendipitous events that took place in 2016. The first of which happened on a flight to Austin, Texas when a flight attendant got on the speakers and told everyone about a tradition they have for new crew members: "...we come through the isles collecting a penny from everyone on all of our flights today to wish [the new employee] a year's worth of good luck at their new job." Cody loved this so much, but all he had on him were credit cards. So during the flight, he used a watercolor set he had in his carry-on to paint a penny on the back of a business card. When the flight ended, he gave the painting to the flight attendant and they took a picture together. It's a moment Cody will never forget. On his way back home, he stumbled upon a clasp bracelet made of welded-together pennies and felt the universe was speaking to him! Finally, while scrolling on social media one day shortly after his trip, he noticed that some of the artists he followed were placing their tiny paintings next to a coin to reference how small their paintings were. Then it hit him: No one is painting on the coin!

The initial objective was to use as little detail as possible to transform Abraham Lincoln into pop-icons. Then, as he got more comfortable painting so small, he began incorporating more and more detail. From cartoon characters to sneakers, to landscapes, and full-blown portraiture. He is a master of the craft at this point and can paint live at your events or lead paint-and-sip style workshops on penny

PennyPopArt has been exhibited at art fairs and galleries around Southern California, and featured on Yahoo! News.

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