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Kristin Lee: Psychic Mediums
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Kristin Lee, owner, founder, and paranormal researcher
of the infamous Bellaire House is an amazing psychic
paranormal Investigator and published author with Hampton
Roads, Weiser & Red Wheel, a filmmaker/producer and
screenwriter. Kristin is a highly respected and influential
figure in the paranormal industry. Kristin Lee is recognized as one of the top five haunted locations in the country and the number one haunted home in Ohio, the Bellaire House is a supernatural hotspot that has attracted the attention of paranormal enthusiasts and TV personalities alike.

With a diverse skill set, Kristin Lee has established herself
as a profound psychic paranormal investigator;
metaphysical; supernatural entertainer. Her extensive
knowledge and experiences in metaphysics, psychology, and the paranormal enable her to provide a unique and holistic approach to understanding and addressing paranormal phenomena.

Kristin's film work:
2009 My Ghost Story 30 million views
2011 Lifetime TV 15 million views
2017 Paranormal Lockdown 17 million views
2018 Buzz Feed Unsolved 16 million views
2019 My Horror Story 12 million views
2019 Most Terrifying Places 5 million viewers
2020 Jason Hawes Most Terrifying Places recap 10 million
2020 Unsolved Mysteries 9 million views
2020-2022 TFIL Overnight 1-4 episodes 4 million views
2021 Sam & Colby 10 million views
2021-2022 CJ Faison episode 1-4 1 million views
2024 MY HAUNTED TOWN – Filming for Canada

2020 Bellaire House Movie Writer & Producer

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