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The Moon Family Psychic Experience: Ghost Hunters
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Questions about love, your future, majors, friends, career, spirit guides and angels – will all be answered at the Moon Family Psychic Experience! Psychic Medium Chris Moon and his mother Paulette, an Intuitive Counselor and Empathetic Tarot Card Reader will provide you and your friends with the answers you have been seeking. The event begins with public gallery reading where students will discover how Chris and Paulette learned of their abilities and eventual calling to help others with their gifts. Following the short presentation, Paulette and Chris will choose volunteers from the audience who wish to be read onstage using their gifts as well as the cards and world famous “Spirit Phone.” After the public readings Chris and Paulette will be available for several hours to small groups of students for private readings where they can ask and receive answers from the great beyond. Don’t miss out on this one of a kind event! Not a Psychic fair, a PSYCHIC EXPERIENCE!

The Moon family show consists of a short PowerPoint presentation by Paulette and Chris, on stage psychic readings of audience members using intuition, Tarot Cards and the Spirit Phone with focus on love, auras, majors, angels & spirit guides, and three hours of private psychic readings for small groups of students