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Heather Taddy: Ghost Hunters
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Heather Taddy starred on A&E’s hit television series “Paranormal State,” which chronicled investigations from the world-renowned college-run club at Pennsylvania State University, The Paranormal Research Society (PRS). Serving as the Team Documentarian, Taddy traveled across the country helping and educating families experiencing paranormal activity. Showing no fear when it comes to the paranormal, Taddy is often seen on the series isolating her self in some of the world’s most notoriously haunted locations. She has worked alongside some of the country’s leading researchers and psychics including Lorraine Warren, Michelle Belanger and Chip Coffey.

Taddy first recognized a curiosity for the paranormal in her early teens as she was caught eavesdropping on her older brother and his friends playing with Ouija Boards. Her fascination for the device and the Spiritualism movement grew after investigating on her own and documenting experiences with a video camera. The thrill of trying to capture activity on film and attending one of Lorraine Warren’s college lectures intrigued her to join The Penn State Paranormal Research Society in college.

Taddy also served as an investigator and paranormal consultant for the web series “Ghost Bait.” The series focused on forms of fear and the role it plays with a haunting. The series caught attention of producers and was featured on the Bio Channel.

Today Taddy is an investigator and founder for Atherton Paranormal alongside Katrina Weidman and Joshua Light. By offering remote assistance, advice and consultation through email and phone calls, they hope to continue helping families.

Aside from her work in the paranormal field Taddy is the bassist for the Pittsburgh’s post-punk band Glowworms. She can be found roller-skating, going to concerts and vintage clothing shopping.

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