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Chris Fleming: Ghost Hunters
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Chris Fleming is a world renowned Medium and Paranormal Investigator. He offers a highly entertaining and informative presentation that will engross your students sending chills down their spines. Sure to be talked about for weeks, if not years!

Everything Chris presents is REAL. Based on his own personal and collective experiences and some of the best historical evidence he has uncovered. His multimedia lecture is filled with awesome slides of Ghosts, shocking audio of their voices (EVPS), and startling apparition videos. Presentation runs approx. 60-90 minutes, with time for questions and answers. Afterwards, 30 lucky students can join Chris side by side on a special live ghost hunt investigating the school grounds for any spirits. This once in a lifetime opportunity runs approximately 1-1.5 hours and is the most sought after section of Chris’s time on campus.

A Little Background:

Chris is known for his passionate work on Paranormal TV and for his continuing contributions to the paranormal field in regards to technology, techniques and mediumship. It all started from his childhood, growing up in a haunted house, seeing and communicating with ghosts, while capturing their voices to prove to friends and neighbors.

Since then he has published a magazine on the paranormal, been a guest on hundreds of radio shows and co-hosted TV shows such as A&E's "Psychic Kids" and the international TV show "Dead Famous: Ghostly Encounters.” He made ground breaking guest appearances on Travel Channels "Ghost Adventures Live" (introducing the world famous SB-7 Spirit Box, which he helped create) and on SyFy's "Ghost Hunters" (where he introduced the K-II meter, another device that shows how ghosts can communicate through the EMF field). Chris continues to appear on numerous paranormal programs such as Animal Planets "The Haunted,” two episodes of Travel Channels "Paranormal Challenge" and a recent “Ghost Adventures Aftershocks!”

He can be heard on his monthly podcast "Spirit Talk" (now in its 10th year) on his website www.ChristopherFleming.com and on iTunes. When not touring, his time is spent consulting families, individuals and children on paranormal issues and trauma. Chris is currently writing his first book, expected to be out in early 2017.