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Natalie Jones: Ghost Hunters
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Natalie Jones is co-founder and President & CEO of PARAFlixx, Inc., PARAFlixx paranormal+, The Paranormal Channel, a universal streaming network with the content of the Paranormal, Supernatural, Horror, Universe and beyond, and then some.

Natalie is the creator of The Haunted Psychomanteum. “The Haunted Psychomanteum: OMNIPRESENT” is a 6-part series released in early 2021, available only on PARAFlixx paranormal+, and produced by Strange Goat Media. Natalie is co-owner and founder of Strange Goat Media, LLC alongside business partner, and PARAFlixx Inc. Executive Producer, Mike Hatcher.

Natalie Jones is a metaphysical lecturer and also the Creator and lead Paranormal Navigator of Ghosthunter Girls. Natalie is a published author of Awaken the Higher Self: Bringing Darkness to Light (BMK Publishing). The Little Secret Book of Life coming soon. She is a Reiki Master and has spent her life preparing for a calling and soul mission to help others as a Healing Facilitator through working with and transforming different energies with a universal approach, teaching healing from within, and holding the Melchizedek priesthood for blessings.

Natalie Jones is currently in the doctoral program at the University of Sedona, Doctor of Metaphysical Science, Msc.D., with continuing Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D., specializing in Theological Psychology. Natalie is a seasoned and dedicated yoga practitioner to further connection to mind, body & soul, which helps her to stay grounded in her spiritual work. Natalie Jones currently teaches classes at the University Magickus.

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