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Shadow Hunters: Ghost Hunters
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Shadow Hunters Paranormal Investigations and Events is a distinguished and reputable organization dedicated to the scientific exploration of paranormal phenomena and the organization of captivating events related to the supernatural. With over two decades of experience in the field, our team has honed their expertise in conducting thorough investigations, promoting education, and fostering a deeper understanding of the unexplained.

Nick Sarlo - Founder and Lead Investigator: Nick Sarlo, a pioneer in the world of paranormal research, is the driving force behind Shadow Hunters Paranormal Investigations and Events. With a passion for the unknown and a deep commitment to unraveling the mysteries of the paranormal, Nick has been at the forefront of the organization since its inception. His leadership, dedication, and extensive experience make him a respected figure in the paranormal community.

Two Decades of Paranormal Expertise: Since its establishment in 2003, Shadow Hunters Paranormal Investigations and Events has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in the realm of paranormal activity. With over 20 years of continuous research, our team has conducted hundreds of investigations, amassed countless hours of evidence, and collaborated with experts from various disciplines to provide a comprehensive understanding of paranormal phenomena.

Shadow Hunters Paranormal Investigations and Events is committed to advancing the scientific understanding of the paranormal while promoting responsible investigation and education. Our mission is to demystify the unexplained and provide a platform for individuals to explore their curiosity in a safe and informed manner.