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Sean Austin : Ghost Hunters
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Although Sean has always wholeheartedly believed in the ‘unexplained’, becoming a paranormal investigator was by chance. After over 13 years of supernatural experiences that still baffle him to this day, Sean continues to search passionately for evidence of the unexplained. Sean was a featured investigator on the pilot series “The Demon Files”, which aired on the Destination America Network. As part of a team headed by the well-known Demonologist and retired NYPD Seargent Ralph Sarchie, who became the inspiration for the movie “Deliver us from evil”, Sean was mentored in the field of Demonology. Ralph taught Sean how to approach cases of the demonic in the extreme recesses of the paranormal. It was while jumping head-first into this new realm of the supernatural, Sean also developed his natural psychic and mediumship abilities and applied them to his new journey into the paranormal. “It is great to be your own piece of equipment while investigating with the other types of technologically advanced devices we have today to provide evidence”. In his first two published works “Shadow Chaser & Shadow Chaser The In Between”, Sean follows the pursuit of the unexplained that he started from the beginning. Along with Sean‘s years of experience as a musician, he has trained his ears to aid in his investigations. “Experiencing a new tier of mystery on every investigation is a privilege that is beyond humbling. Implementing these experiences and ultimately helping people with their spiritual needs is humbling and allows me to share these experiences with the world”. Ghost Loop The TV series that aired on Travel Channel and now Discovery Plus, Sean was the lead investigator on. Sean‘s has released multiple paranormal documentaries that are featured on scarenetwork.tv regarding haunted locations, true crime, demonic infestations & possession. Most recently on the hit series for Netflix titled 28 Days Haunted Sean is the team leader out of one of the 3 teams that stayed 28 days in some of the most haunted locations. The cycle & methods are based on the pioneers of the paranormal Ed & Lorraine Warren who are the inspiration for the Conjuring movie franchise. Sean travels the country on a mission to assist the living in dealing with a diversity of hauntings, including helping trapped souls who may be reaching out from the other side from anywhere rampant with paranormal activity.

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